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    OOB key pairing support.

      Hi BCM support,

      By the below link I look into the hello_sensor example and copy the OOB key pairing setting in my project:

      Is OOB available in SDK 2.0.1?


      I am using SDK 2.1.1, assume it should be work. My added code like below:

        // setup the pairing parameters.
        LESMP_AUTH_FLAG_BONDING, // AuthReq,
        LESMP_MAX_KEY_SIZE,                // MaxEncKeySize,
         // InitiatorKeyDistrib,
         // ResponderKeyDistrib


      But when I used LightBlue APP or some other PC BLE scanner applications. The device still can be connected with just work method. Is there any other settings I need to modified? Or some libraries I need to add in Makefile?

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          BTW, is there any document talk about the usage of APIs related to OOB setting?


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            Hi BCM support,

            Please be patient and kindly read my words. I have told that I referred the discussion thread talked about OOB. Unfortunately the last reply mentioned the same problem like me here, even he used passkey pairing method and used lesmp_setJustWorksNotPermitted(). The BCM platform still wild open to just work connection. And the code I post here is referred from hello_sensor.c but it not work.


            Of course I understand that the OOB key should be exchange "Out Of Band", and then set by lesmp_setSMPOOBdata().

            My problem is suppose I enabled this feature then called lesmp_setJustWorksNotPermitted() and lesmp_setPasskeyEntryNotPermitted(), the JustWork connection method shouldn't not works. BUT it did still work under OOB is enabled and lesmp_setJustWorksNotPermitted() called! Why?


            1. Should I add some libraries into makefile?

            2. Should I include some headers?

            3. Should I call some function in proper ways?



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              I meet the similar issue with you, mark!

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                Did you have a chance to move to SDK 2.2.1?

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                  Hi Boont,

                  It seems there is no SDK2.2.1 for MAC OSX host systems, and I got lots of trouble when installing SDK2.2.1 under Windows 10, I also tried using Linux but got trouble for JAVA issue.... Um...I would like to try if you can provide me the suitable SDK 2.2.1.



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                    Hi Boont,

                    After struggling through the JAVA installation, I tried SDK 2.2.1 under Linux, no luck. The device still allow JustWork connection. Things become critical now.



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                      Hi BCM supports,

                      Please kindly test with your TAG and your example hello_sensor.c for the OOB or PassKey feature.

                      It seems not enough to do the code added in sensor_create() only. Looks like you should take care of smp_bonding_result(), connection_up() and encryptionChanged() functions.

                      But I can not find any document mention about it, please kindly ask your SDK developer ASAP. We do not like black magic.



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                        Hi BCM support,


                        Any update?

                        Here is what I want below:

                        Please provide the document about the below APIs: (No more black magic please.)

                        void lesmp_init(LESMP_INFO  *pinfo);

                        void lesmp_setPtr(LESMP_INFO  *pinfo);

                        void lesmp_setSMPRole(int role);

                        void lesmp_setPairingParam(

                            int  IOCapability,

                          int   OOBDataFlag,

                          int   AuthReq,

                          int   MaxEncKeySize,

                          int   InitiatorKeyDistrib,

                          int   ResponderKeyDistrib);

                        void lesmp_setPairingMode(LESMP_PAIRING_REQ *pkt );

                        #ifdef SMP_INITIATOR

                        void lesmp_calcLocalMConf(UINT8 *ptr);

                        void lesmp_calcMConf(UINT8 *key, UINT8 *rand);

                        void lesmp_verifySConf(UINT8 *key, UINT8 *rand);


                        int lesmp_startPairing(UINT8 *AuthReq);

                        void lesmp_sendPairingReq(void);



                        void lesmp_sendPairingRsp(void);

                        void lesmp_sendConfirmation(UINT8 *pkt);

                        void lesmp_sendLocalRand(void);

                        void lesmp_sendPairingFailed(int);


                        void lesmp_sendEncInfo( UINT8 *ltk );

                        void lesmp_sendMasterId( UINT8 *rand, UINT16 ediv );

                        void lesmp_sendIdInfo(UINT8 *irk );

                        void lesmp_sendIdAddrInfo(UINT8 *bdAddr, int type );

                        void lesmp_sendSigningInfo(UINT8 *csrk );



                        void lesmp_sendSecurityRequest(void);

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                          Hi BCM support,

                          I changed back to PASSKey feature and hope we can go smoothly, but it not. And I found it waste me a lot of time until I found the below thread:

                          Pairing process with Passkey not completed - (MASTER: BCM20737S, SLAVE: BCM20737S)


                          So I think the PassKey and OOB pairing never success with BCM20737 platform. Now I just waiting for SDK 2.2.2.


                          tejas.kotadia@ubnt.com: This is the problem I told you that the OOB/Passkey seems not work well in BCM20737. Now the only thing I can do is just waiting for the SDK 2.2.2.


                          MichaelF_56 We are almost in MP stage, if the SDK 2.2.2 does not solve the problem. We may need an on-site support for this issue.



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                            I will reach out to the team that manages your part of the world and see if there is a distributor that can support you.


                            Since it's a holiday week here in the US, SDK 2.2.2 will most likely not be released prior to Monday of next week.

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                              My distributor has passed you something to try on. They will continue to work with you while we anticipate the 2.2.2 release.





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                                Hi Boont,

                                1. I just change back to use passkey for reference. The local FAE fochc_2132071 just pass me the hello_sensor.c the same as the SDK mention and  prove the Passkey half work, it isn't related to OOB key pairing problem.


                                2. About the passkey pairing, it is quite strange that I test the PassKey works in hello_sensor but doesn't work in my project. I used the same HW board and the same setting with PASSKEY feature. Even the BLE_PROFILE_CFG are also the same. There must be something which is a MUST beyond the PASSKEY_PAIRING macro.

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                                  I will help you go over the code directly to see if anything is missing.henryubnt

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                                    Hi fochc_2132071,

                                    Thank you for supporting. Now I am trying to use OOB pairing as you mentioned:

                                    I can see the TAG03 get the connection to the slave device but stuck at "starting pairing". Below is my test environment.


                                    1. Set the same oob_tk in hello_sensor.c and hello_client.c, uncomment the "#define OOB_PAIRING" to make it works.

                                    2. download the hello_client into TAG03.

                                    3. download the hello_sensor into our target.

                                    4. Press the TAG03 button(SW1) over 5 seconds to trigger the scanning and connection.

                                    And then I get the connection_up but stuck at bonding. In the device message I always get "Not bonding"==> The else option I added below the "if (LESMP_PAIRING_RESULT_BONDED)" condition.

                                    Should we add something in "hello_client.smp_info" before we call "lesmp_startPairing(NULL)"??

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