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    CYBT-353027-02 RF exposure requirements for FCC & IC



      We are looking for upgrading our wireless products to BLEv5.0 with a small form factor module available in market and found “CYBT-353027-02” with profile of  9x9x1.75 and got some clarity on certifications from form(https://community.cypress.com/docs/DOC-15283).  


      In order to comply with FCC and IC RF exposure requirements is this device must be installed/provided any separation distance between device and the user.


      Usually people say 20cm separation distance which is practically not possible for our product. There are few products out in market with 0mm clearance and with bigger form factor which is again not suitable for me.


      Dose this module require any separation distance?(for FCC and IC)


      To move forward we would like to have a range test report with respect to output power with pricing and availability of modules in min and max numbers.