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    mini prog3 related issue


      Yes, device can be programmed through SWD or USB but creating problem when i am trying to program with JTAG.

      Programer version is 3.24.4.b2265

      PSoC Device no is Cy8C5868-035LP

      Screen shot of errors are attached

      Please help me.

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          Please check if you have made the connections as illustrated below:

          Reference Document: https://www.cypress.com/file/119651/download


          Please see the points mentioned under Notes and ensure your design takes care of that. In PSoC Creator, check the "Debug Port Select" option in the System tab to be either 4-wire JTAG or 5-wire JTAG based on if you are connecting the TRST pin.


          If this is a custom board, please attach your schematic if the issue persists.




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