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    CYUSB3610 support Catalina (MacOS 10.15) or not?


      Hi. In reading:


      cypress GX3 ethernet can't be recognized by macOS 10.15


      still not clear if the drivers are available to support MacOS 10.15 (Catalina) or not?


      Would someone please confirm? We are considering this controller for a new design and the missing driver support on the CYUSB3610 webpage is a shortcoming in comparison to a competing device.



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          The MacOS beta drivers provided in the previous thread you are referring to are tested with MacOS 10.15 Catalina and the device behaves as expected.

          The new final release driver will soon be updated in the driver support page of GX3.




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            I dont know if i should lough or cry about this answer. MacOS 11 is around the corner, and you still havent got a final driver for MacOS 10.15. the latest beta i find does not work anymore on MacOS 11, at least here.

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              We are aware that the beta driver and subsequent release driver for GX3 are only compatible with the MacOS Catalina (v10.14) only.

              The final release driver for MacOS Catalina v10.14 is ready and will be deployed on the GX3 driver support page as soon as possible.


              For MacOS BigSur, there are subsequent changes in the driver development architecture that the driver developer needs to consider and make the device compatible with the latest release of MacOS.


              Particularly, in the DEXT driver development stage there is an issue with binding the DEXT driver with different HW UUID's because of the distribution process constraints where there is a need to apply entitlement of the DEXT driver through developer's Apple ID and bonding the Mac Pro's HW UUID to activate the DEXT driver for that particular system.


              The driver development for the MacOS BigSur release is in progress and will be released once all driver is tested completely.