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    cypd3175 power adapter +i2c slave the first transaction from master to slave failed


      i have to units  of cypd3175      connceting   via i2c    


      when  master unit    send  first time  to slave    the slave unit  does not repones   only  the second   attempt from the master    after   first time the slave coressponding  well


              /*handle  with cypd3175 */

           attached    cypd3175_recieve_packet();


              /* Handle the device policy tasks for each PD port. */

              for (port = PORT_START_IDX ; port < NO_OF_TYPEC_PORTS; port++)





      Q1 :     do i need    special conciduration  in PD stack   ? 

      Q2  : why need delay in slave  code  all examples  show with delay ?

      Q3   : how hanle slave i2c  in power adapter  project

      it is possible  create task which handle i2c slave  or master  in PD task  like call back   i try also  run this  cypd3175_recieve_packet    from timer  bat i get  stack overflow  ?   timer call  back have  max size stack ?