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    CYBT 343026 batmon.

    Neeraj Dhekale

      Hello ,


      I am using the CYBT343026 module and I want to know more about wiced_hal_batmon.h library. How it works  here are my some basic questions:

      1. If I am going use this lib by configuring the ADC pin, Do my controller consume any current to get monitor battery level? (a similar question I had asked in this post)

      2. Do I need any external circuit to get battery monitor? or directly connect the 3.7v terminal of the battery to ADC and I am good to go?

      3. Is it possible to Cut off the power of the controller if it goes below the predefined level?


      Thanks in advance.




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          1. Normally, ADC won't be running all the time so it won't consume much battery. And usually the ADC is charged at first using the battery and then measure the battery in turn. That is to say, your controller won't consume any current (in the detectable level) to monitor battery level (but it do consume a bit more energy to get the job done).
          2. According to the document, all it requires is to get the ADC pin connected and specified in wiced_hal_batmon_config(). For more details, you can have a try.
          3. In the function wiced_hal_batmon_config(), you are able to specify the shutdownVoltage, which is explained as "System should shutdown if it detects battery voltage at or below this value in millivolts. 0 disables shutdown. Should be less than fullVoltage and emptyVoltage".


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