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    External flash layout programming with MurataType1LD platform




      I was trying to change flash memory layout for platform MurataType1LD and flash it using sflash_write to external flash.


      Earlier, I have done the same for CYW943907AEVAL1F and didn't face any issue. So, following the same approach I did changes for MurataType1LD.

      I created normal_image_defines.mk at location "43xxx_Wi-Fi/platform/MurataType1LD/", containing all the addresses for the components

      (bootloader, DCT1, DCT2, LUT and APPS) and did changes in wiced_apps.mk in order to get the new SECTOR_ADDRESS, SECTOR_START and SECTOR_COUNT

      for writing them using the "sflash_write_file" command.


      Also I found that MurataType1LD is using standard_platform_targets.mk for flashing the image to target and it already has some target definitions for

      packaging and downloading bootloader, DCT and application to some predefined address (addresses referenced from WICED/platform/MCU/STM32F4xx) and not

      using sflash_write. I tried replacing those target definitions with some custom target definitions which I created using sflash_write. But this fails

      to download the image.


      Can you please suggest some way to make it work? Is there something wrong in the approach?


      Few more queries:

      1) Is the predefined addresses corresponds to Internal flash?

      2) If yes, how can I write bootloader, dct and all other apps it to external flash (using sflash_write?)