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    I would like to select a CPU for an application..




      I would like to select a CPU for an application and by chance I found the PSOC series. Question - description:

      the CPU should run in a power-saving mode in battery operation, if possible for 3 to 4 years, and sample + count a quadrature signal (2 bits). The sampling of the quadrature signal should also be sampled in full operating mode and counted in real time.

      Option 1: it is possible to use the quadrature encoder interface of the UDPs in power-saving mode (max. 12µA). So the interface could be used in the energy saving mode and also in full operating mode.


      Variant 2: an RTC in sleep mode with approx. 500Hz INT frequency. Evaluation of the 2-bit inputs, counters of the UDP manually increment / decrement or read / change / write back. Quadrature encoder in normal operating mode.

      Is variant 1 possible?