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    SD Card using emFile component








      I've got the example emFile_Example01 to work and went on to develop a

      system using the SD Card without any problem on the CY8CKIT-001 dev kit

      using the CY8CKIT-010LP process module  (CY8C5868AXI-P035)


      These are the pins used as per the example.










      The production device is a CY8C5888LTI-LP097. As the SD Card is only part of

      a system with op-amps etc I allowed PSoc Creator to allocate pins assuming

      it knows best.


      For the SD Card it chose the following.






      The SD Card does not work. The question I'm asking is, is there a problem

      with pin allocations when using the emFile component?  I'm not using any

      crystals so I assume I can use P15[3] and P15[0].




      I've compared the SPI signals and I noticed that the CS activation is 2

      bytes late in the target board version as compared to the development board

















      Thanks in advance for any help.









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          Looks like the pictures I sent have not been included.


          Anyway, problem is solved. There is nothing wrong with emFile component and my pin placements.


          Been struggling with the problem for a week and within 5 minutes of posting the question I found the cause of the problem. There was a capacitor on the CS line which caused the delay. Oops. Pin can be used for voltage reference bypass - it was not meant to be fitted!