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    Debug interface through USB for CX3 + Image sensor application




      First of all, I would like to say a big thank you for all the content available through your website and the help that you are giving to the community.
      You've made a wonderfull job and I learnt and continue to learn a lot from that!


      I'm trying to developp an image sensor firmware using a custom board I also made.

      The hardware is pretty much a CYUSB3064 + an OV9782.


      I do not have a development board which could allow to debug the OV9782 directly through an UART interface.
      However, I do have a CX3 Denebola development kit with an OV5640 which is helping me discovering this firmware creation universe.

      All this things are new to me, and it's sometimes taking a bit of time for me to understand the ins and outs without external support.

      So the idea for now is to add a USB debug interface to an Image sensor firmware.


      Anyway, from that context, I'm currently trying to add the USBDebug (example available in Cypress SDK installation) interface to the CX3RDK_OV5640 example (available online too). After long hours discovering the descriptors and how they work, I have been able to succesfully add a new interface/endpoint to my project.

      I can detect that new endpoint through a USB viewer, I was also able to install the same driver than in the bulkloop example and detect the interface in the Control Center.

      I'm now blocking on sending DebugPrint messages through this new interface.

      It seems that it is not sending anything through this new interface.


      First question, is what I'm trying to do feasible?


      Second, is my way to do it the correct one?


      Third, could I share my project to let you have a look?


      Thanks a lot for your help!