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    Whitelist by Manufacturer name - psoc 4




      I was wondering if it is possible to whitelist by using a manufacturer name, rather than device address. My business has many ble mesh systems up and running in schools (security systems), but I don't want all of my nodes scannable/connectable by everyone. It would be impossible to set up a whitelist for each device address as we may have up to 300 ble nodes and 100 tablets in a single building. In this scenario, if a single tablet was added, we would have to update the whitlist for 300 nodes. Hopefully you can see the issue!!


      We have custom tablets built for us, with our company name as the manufacturer name. If this is possible to filter by, it would help with security issues. Curreny, I have the system allowing for a max connection time of 4 seconds, and only encrypted data is acceptable. However, I don't want anyone tinkering with my equipment.


      Thank you for your time!


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          Hi Andy,


          Kindly note that it is not possible directly to implement white list based on the Manufacturer's name.


          For your application, we recommend you to write custom android source code that will check the Manufacturer's address and add the device to the whitelist or flash. You can check the Manufacturer's data in the advertisement data packet or scan response packet.


          Kindly update if you are facing any issues with this procedure.