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    FX3S: Run time switch SDIO Interface mode 1 Bit to 4 Bit mode




      I am developing an application there is a requirement that facilitates the SDIO Interface mode from a single-bit data bus to four-bit data bus in runtime.


      The application looks like:

      1. configure the SDIO interface using 1 Bit mode ( only one DAT[0] line would be enabled) [io_cfg.s0Mode = CY_U3P_SPORT_1BIT]
      2. Do some Read/Write
      3. Reconfigure the SDIO Interface using 4 Bit mode (All 4 lines, DAT[0] to DAT[3] lines would be enabled )[io_cfg.s0Mode = CY_U3P_SPORT_4BIT;]


      How to enable these SDIO lines run-time? If it is possible to do so, will it affect interrupt handling?


      SDIO Host: FX3S

      SDIO Slave: Embedded SDIO card


      KandlaguntaR_36 You might aware of this setup.