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    Can't Find CX3 RDK in linux or windows




      I am using the Denebola RDK with the CX3. The firmware on the device is the example firmware for ov5640 sensor that came with it from e-con systems. I can see the camera feed in e-cam view on windows and qt-cam software on Linux as well as adjust brightness and other parameters.


      I now want to flash a new firmware, however on both platforms I can not get the device to show up on either CYUSB control (linux) or the CYCONTROL center (windows), I also cannot find the device in bulkloop or streamer.


      On Linux I have the udev installed correctly and on windows I also have the camera's driver installed and showing up in my device manager (image below). On windows when I first connect the device the derives installed automatically and successfully


      I cannot find Cypress BootLoader in the control center and the options to flash the fx3 is grayed out (image below). What am I doing wrong here?


      Thanks in advance