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    EZ-USB FX3 maximum fps


      Hi, I plan to interface a python 500 Cmos camera with Cypress EZ-USB FX3. The frame rate of the camera is 500 fps(Pixels:600*800). So I'm just wondering to know if it is possible to achieve 500 fps?


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          Hi Frank,


          The GPIF II interface can run at a maximum of 100MHz, with a maximum 32-bit data bus. The maximum throughput supported by the GPIF interface is 32 bits * 100MHz = 3.2Gbps (400MBps).

          The data coming from the sensor should be less than or equal to maximum throughput supported by GPIF interface (400MBps) i.e.

          600*800*bytes/pixel* 500 < = 400MBps


          When GPIF bus width is 32 bits and PCLK is 100 MHz, if Bytes/pixel = 1, then 600*800*1*500 < 400 MBps


          Note: 3.2Gbps throughput is for the case when GPIF bus width is 32 bits and 100 MHz clock. At PCLK 100MHz, configuring the GPIF interface for 8/16/24 bits bus width will reduce the data throughput.


          Please let me know if any queries on this.



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            Thanks Rashi,


            This solves my question