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    FX3 on Ubuntu 18.04.05: Re-enumeration fails? (ie after loading image)


      A DEV PC has the FX3 SDK installed on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS since Feb'20 (currently 18.04.04). ControlCenter (aka cyusb_linux), download_fx3, and my app "X2", are all running fine.


      On Thursday, 18.04.05 was installed on a **new PC** along with the same FX3 SDK install process.


      cybusb_linux and download_fx3 detect the FX3 and images can be downloaded from either.


      However at this point, it seems  that re-enumeration fails as cybusb_linux cannot detect the loaded FX3 (?!).

      The recompiled X2 app also fails at

      if (get_device_cfg_desc( argv, &deviceDesc, &configDesc) < 0)


      1) Is it a re-enumeration issue? All the files setup in the install.sh script are located where they need to be.


      2) Is it an SDK install issue? Quite a few packages were deleted during "sudo apt-get remove libusb-1.0-0" prior to the "sudo apt-get install libusb-1.0-0-dev"...
          Running apt-get update and another package was required to get ubuntu login/desktop running......


      3) The fallback is to revert to 18.04.01 (or whatever is available) given the DEV pc works; albeit reversion to Ubuntu 16 would be the next step.