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    Where is definition the function dpm_start() ?


      Hi everyone,


      I use in my project CYPD3120-40LQXI_dp_dongle SDK.

      When I connect my PC to the board, the MOSFETs open. I want to disable it.

      The function is responsible for this dpm_start(), but I could not find where it is determined.


      I will be grateful for any help.


      Best regards,


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          Hi Nazar,


          The DPM state machine functions including dpm_start() are part of the stack and defined in the pre-compiled library so the source isnt available in the SDK.

          Please refer to the summary of the functions in dpm.h header file as well as Table 18 in the CCGx_FW_UserGuide. The dpm_start() is called in main() and is used to start the PD state machine for the port.

          I couldnt understand what you meant by "The function is responsible for this dpm_start()"? To disable or enable your MOSFETs, you could use the vbus_fet_on() and vbus_fet_off() functions defined in psource.c file, which are called based on the app callback received from the DPM stack.


          Best Regards,