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    AN75779  cyfxuvcdscr.c frame rate, resolution,bit depth


      How  hexa decimal value assigned for below in cyfxuvcdscr.c?  Is reference available?




      /* Interface Association Descriptor */

      /* Standard Video Control Interface Descriptor */

      /* Class specific VC Interface Header Descriptor */

      /* Input (Camera) Terminal Descriptor */

      /* Processing Unit Descriptor */

      /* Extension Unit Descriptor */

      /* Output Terminal Descriptor */

      /* Video Control Status Interrupt Endpoint Descriptor */

      /* Super Speed Endpoint Companion Descriptor */

      /* Standard Video Streaming Interface Descriptor (Alternate Setting 0) */


      /* Class specific Uncompressed VS format descriptor */

      /* Class specific Uncompressed VS frame descriptor */






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          Hello Esakki,


          The values of the above requested descriptors are taken with reference to the UVC Spec.


          Please go through the cyfxuvcdscr.c file, and go through the comments for each field with the associated values and UVC Spec to get a better understanding of the values being used in the dscr.c file.


          Also, the hex values are written as follows:

          if the decimal value is 1280, the hex of the same would be 0x500
          In the descriptors, it should be represented as 0x00, 0x05,


          This is the format of representing the hex values in UVC descriptors.