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    CYBLE and 3-wire SPI


      I'm working on a project with the CYBLE-222014-01 module, and I'd like to use 3-wire SPI.  The SCB component doesn't support this.  The SPI Master component does support this, but not for this device. 


      I would bit-bang, but I'd like to use DMA, so I would prefer a "proper" SPI solution.  Am I out of luck?

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          Hi ZiSh_3434191,


          The device CYBLE-222014-01  doesn't support SPI Master component  because it doesn't have UDB in it. If you would like to have a 3 wire SPI interface, we recommend you to choose a device that has a UDB resource in it. DMA feature can be added to the SPI master (UDB) component by modifying the component.


          Another option is you can connect the data line of the 3 wire interface to both MOSI and MISO (Short MOSI and MISO of PSoC). If you want MOSI line, you can simply put MISO pin to HIZ in firmware. If you want MISO option, you can put MOSI to HiZ in firmware. By this way you can still use SCB component for a 3 wire interface. DMA can also be added to this.