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    miniprog4 Error when programming custom PCB



      I tried programming a custom pcb with the CY8C4125AZI-S433 chip but I get an error at checksum. I was wondering if this could be due to wrong software settings or it is more probably hardware related, maybe an error in my schematic? I tried programming with the miniprog connected with the 5 pin 100-mil SWD protocol, USB powered, and the PCB also had an external 5v power supply to power the PSoC4 device. The Target Power LED on the miniprog was not ON, which I think is weird?


      Here is the message I get:


      Programming device 'PSoC 4100S CY8C4125AZI-S433' with file 'C:\Users\jcbsk\OneDrive\Documents\PSoC Creator\4100S\CE216892 USB-HID Trackpad01.cydsn\CortexM0p\ARM_GCC_541\Debug\CE216892 USB-HID Trackpad01.hex'.

      Device ID Check


      Programming of Flash Starting...

      Failed at checksum (Expected: D05F Actual: D345

      Error: dbg.M0023: There was an error while programming the device: PSoC Programmer reported error (100 - )



      Thank you!

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          1. Please check whether you are using correct hex file.


          2. Are you programming directly through PSoC Creator or PSoC Programmer?

          If you are using PSoC programmer and if the PSoC is powered externally, the power button on the PSoC Programmer should be off. Still you will see the non zero voltage in the programmer. This means that the chip is powered.


          3. Please try progranmming with Miniprog power supply. (remove all the external power suplies)


          4. Can you please attach schematic of your application as well as the hex file of the project you are using? We will try to program our development kit with your hex file and get back to you with more comments.




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            Thank you for your reply GaneshD_41


            I was trying to program directly with PSoC creator. I decided to try with psoc programmer like you mentioned. I do not seem to be able to program if I do not use an external power supply, I do not know why.


            Here are my results with the miniprog4 only, no external power supply.



            Here is what I get when I try programming with the 5v external power supply. It looks like I programmed successfully! although I do not understand this checksum error I still have




            Here are my psoc programmer settings just in case.



            Here is my schematic. I must mention I did not solder anything on the board except the PSoC, the SWD headerpin connector and the power supply 2-pn connector. None of the bypass caps are there, I dont know if it can cause errors or whatnot (maybe the checksum error is caused by this?), I just wanted to validate the chip was working before soldering the rest.



            Thanks again!

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              When you do not have an external supply connected and want the MiniProg4 to power your device, make sure you press the Toggle Power button at the top.



              Once you press it you should see the Power Status as ON and Voltage being displayed under the Status field as highlighted above.


              Now try to program and it should work as expected.


              Coming to the error when you use external power supply, the schematic looks fine to me. If there was something wrong with the schematic, even the programming wouldn't proceed. You can add a 0.1uF capacitor to the XRES if required for better noise immunity. But not really sure why you see the checksum error.


              Is this problem consistent when you use the external power supply?




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