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    BCM4343W using WICED 6.1 not responding BLE commands


      I'm using the following WL commands on our manufacturing FW



      btcmd 00

      btcmd 01 35

      btcmd 04

      btcmd 00

      btcmd 01 35

      btcmd 03


      However after sending the bton command, I receive the following response Wifi adapter unsupported, which is odd because previously our manufacturing SW used to be running with WICED 3.5 and all bt commands responded without problem.


      Currently we're running BCM4343A1_001.002.009.0079.0000 with WICED 6.1

      7.45 RC41.0

      wl0: Feb 12 2018 04:07:57 version 7.79.2 (r683798 CY WLTEST) FWID 01-95c4e42b