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    BCM4343W + STM32F429: BLE over USART3




      I want to use ble_wifi_introducer demo on my BCM4343W (LSR 450-0159 module) costume board.

      the demo works well when I use it on LSR 450-0159 module EVK (Sterling-LWB STM Expansion Board)   +  STM32F411E-DISCOVERY.

      on my board, I use 450-0159 module with STM32F429IIH6 while BLE UART port connected to USART3 (instead to USART2) but the MCU doesn't function...

      The SPI Flash is alive but the BT UART is constant high.

      In my application [WICED_BT_PIN_POWER] = { GPIOI,  0 },  (instead of GPIC, 4) and I have noticed that I can't toggeles pin related to port I -

      does the ble_wifi_introducer demo canot be modify to work with STM32F429 (that include also port I)?


      Note that I do manage to use the Wifi.


      Please advise,