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    How to write data in a flash memory via SPI using CYUSBS234?


      Hello everyone,

      I am beginner working with CYUSBS234, I tried testing SPI communication with internal EEPROM and I had successful results, but now I want to use SPI communication to write data in a flash memory (chip 6D25Q64C), I connected #2 pins of J17, J19, J20, and J21 to the external chip according with https://community.cypress.com/docs/DOC-10837 but now I dont know how to procedure, I tried using the USBSerialTest Utility, I clicked the "Write data" button, but when I clicked the "Read & verify data" button, a warning message tell me that the data verification failed, and shows me the buffer data which always is full of zeros.


      Could anyone of you help me please?

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          For interfacing USB-Serial Device with external SPI flash, you need to develop a host side application to send commands and data to the SPI slave device (Flash). 

          We have an example host application (developed in Visual Studios) for Windows to do data transfers with the on-board SPI EEPROM.

          You can use the example as a reference and change it to interface USB-Serial to SPI flash.

          Te example can be found in the path: <USB-Serial installation directory>\USB-Serial SDK\examples\usbserialexample\spimaster


          You need to understand the SPI timing of the Slave device (Flash) and can alter the example project accordingly.