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    How to add a new device to WICED openocd


      I have being working for our company's cortex-m4 device to support WICED SDK.


      I ported WICED SDK libraries and checked that the built image was downloaded and run by writing data on SRAM using WICED openocd.


      Eventually I want write the image on our device's flash memory.

      But to write data to the flash memory, extra work seems to be necessary.


      However, Unfortunately, I am not familiar with how to use openocd...


      So I want to get tips or helps to solve it.

      Please tell me in detail about how to workaround this problem.



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          Hi ssery,


          Presently we support WICED platforms only on this community. For loading the WICED software onto external flash, we have download_apps in make target, which loads the application onto external flash. Kindly refer to the make file based on download_apps .

          Ex make target :

          snip.scan-<WICED-PLATFORM> download download_apps run.