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    [EZ-Serial Firmware] Non-Secure mode support




      I am investigating Bluetooth Classic (BR/EDR) Secure Mode of EZ-Serial F/W.



      - Security Mode 4 (service level enforced security)

        => Secure Simple Pairing

             (1) Just works: EZ-Serial F/W is supported.

             (2) Passkey Entry: EZ-Serial F/W is supported.

             (3) Numeric Comparison: EZ-Serial F/W is supported.

      - Security mode 3 (link level enforced security) & Security mode 2 (service level enforced security)

        => Legacy PIN mode: EZ-Serial F/W is supported.


      As mentioned above, it seems that Security Mode 4-2 can be supported.

      But I don't know how to work with Security mode 1 (non-secure).

      Does EZ-Serial F/W support Security mode 1 (non-secure)?


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