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    Wishlist for PSoC Creator 4.4


      Dear Cypress/Infineon team,


      Please see a wishlist for basic feature requests for PSoC Creator 4.4


      1. Make it more git friendly.
        • Make it possible to remove the binary project file and only use the xml based one.
        • Do not touch/modify project files that is not changed (today they get modified by just viewing the project)
        • Generate a list of ALL auto-generated files to make .gitignore creation more clear.
      2. Make it possible to script or import items to the schematic editor
        • We use tools that export a control-file based on the schematic-software (altium) Netlist, this is great to modify the pins mapping in Creator, very useful when pin-swapping during layout.
        • But you still need to first create and name all the pins in Creator, it would be great if we could create these 'pins' placeholders programmatically.
      3. Offer a standard netlist export for the schematic created in Creator.
        • This could also be any easy to parse file-format such as a .json or .xml
        • i.e. peripheral type, names, pin-config etc.

      4. A headless compiler that can be run command-line on Linux & Mac
        • If you use 'DotNet Runtime', porting it should be very straight forward.




      Thanks David