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    Bringing up a CX3 board - issues ...



      We're bringing up a CX3 based design (USB boot) and the board comes up as an "unrecogized device" in windows device explorer. Once in a while, it will

      enumerate as "Cypress FX3 USB Bootloader Device", but the Cypress Control Center does not show it and I cannot download firmware.

      Some board details:


      - USB Boot (checked PMODE pins and they are at the right state)

      - Power supply voltages OK

      - 19.2 MHz external oscillator with an external buffer. The single buffer output drives both CLKIN and REFCLK. Waveforms look OK on scope

      -  CLKIN_32 not used - input is grounded.

      - USB type C connector - we have a mux for the USB3 signals, but this should not matter since for USB boot, the USB2 D+/D- are used instead.


      Any ideas what to try next? I have a reference design board and it enumerates correctlty in USB boot mode so I am fairly sure its not a windows/driver issue.




      p.s has Cypress terminated the free schematic review service? https://www.cypress.com/welcome-cypress-schematic-review-service

      the link at the bottom of this page no longer works.