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    LBEE5HY1MW W-LAN+Bluetooth Combo Module-hostapd.conf




      We are  using Murata LBEE5HY1MW W-LAN+Bluetooth Combo Module on my device(i.MX6ULL). We are trying to configure channels, band and country in /etc/hostapd.conf file. We verified the configured channels and bands using wl commands and an android application, but not country code. When we use 'wl country' command it always displays as US.

      Perhaps country code also getting configured, but we couldn't able to verify it.

      The chipset supports maximum data rate 54Mbps in 802.11g mode. But we are getting up to 7Mbps.


      We would like to know,

           Whether we are allowed to set the country code in /etc/hostapd.conf file?

           How to verify the country code configured or not rather than using wl tool?

           How we can achieve maximum data rate transmission?

           Are we able to set the maximum data rate in etc/hostapd.conf file?


      Thanks & Regards,