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    S25FL064L Thermal parameters




      what is the pseudo thermal resistance psi JT of a S25FL064LABNFI013 flash memory?

      What is the maximum junction temperature?


      Thank you.

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          The thermal resistance values for the S25FL064LABNFI013 (8-contact WSON)

            - theta j-a : 34 C/W

            - psi j-t :  1 C/W  (junct. to top-of-case)

            - estim. field voltage :  3.6V (max.)

            - estim. field current :  30mA (max., QIO / QPI mode @ 108MHz)

            - estim. field Pd :  108mW (max)  

            - max. oper. junct. temp. :  88.7C (based @ max operating ambient temp of 85C).




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