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    WLAN firmware is not booting


      platform: BCM94343W_AVN

      SDK: WICED-SDK-3.4.0-AWS

      Make Target: demo.bt_internet_gateway.restful_smart_server-BCM94343W_AVN download  download_apps run

      Serial messages:


      Starting WICED v3.4.0-AWS

      Platform BCM94343W_AVN initialised

      Started ThreadX v5.6

      Initialising NetX_Duo v5.7_sp2

      Creating Packet pools

      country = wifi_config->country_code = <my_testing_country_code>

      Timeout while waiting for high throughput clock

      Could not initialize bus

      Error 2 while starting WICED!, country = <my_testing_country_code>

      Joining : <my_testing_SSID>



      My question is about the red message.

      The origin seems to be "WICED/WWD/internal/bus_protocols/SDIO/wwd_bus_protocol.c"


      if ( loop_count >= (uint32_t) HT_AVAIL_TIMEOUT_MS )



          /* If your system times out here, it means that the WLAN firmware is not booting.

           * Check that your WLAN chip matches the 'wifi_image.c' being built - in GNU toolchain, $(CHIP)

           * makefile variable must be correct.


           WPRINT_WWD_ERROR(("Timeout while waiting for high throughput clock\n"));

           /*@-unreachable@*/ /* Reachable after hitting assert */

           return WWD_TIMEOUT;





      I'm wondering how those underlined comments are to be followed.

      I don't find "wifi_image.c" in the SDK.

      And I guess wifi FW is provided pre-built in the SDK @ \resources\firmware\4343W\

      Any hint for my next step?