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    Porting Guide: WICED to ModusToolbox


      What guidance can be provided for users tasked with porting designs from WICED to ModusToolbox?


      In particular, Infineon/Cypress is deprecating a set of WICED supported Bluetooth modules** and replacing them with physically identical ModusToolbox supported Bluetooth modules. Customers who have completed designs in WICED would like to realize their efforts by porting their designs to the new tool rather than re-starting from scratch.


      **CYBT-413034-02, CYBT-423028-02 and CYBT-483039-02 are being replaced with CYBT-413055-02, CYBT-423054-02 and CYBT-483056-02 respectively.


      I understand there will be command differences, changes in board support packages and some fundamental structure differences. Any guidance or even an example conversion from Infineon/Cypress experts would be a helpful guide.


      Of Note: PSoC® Creator™ to ModusToolbox Porting Guide may provide some guidance. Reference https://www.cypress.com/PSoCCreatortoModusToolbox



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          ModusToolbox contains the WICED BTSDK, which supports multiple WICED Bluetooth devices. Hence, WICED and Modustoolbox works pretty much similar way except few IDE based changes.


          I would suggest you to refer the "Documentations" provided in the below link to setup the Modutoolbox IDE. It has "Getting Started Documents" as well as "Configurator and Tool Documents".  https://www.cypress.com/products/modustoolbox-software-environment


          ModusToolbox User Guide has more explanation about the structure and usage of BTSDK libraries and BSPs. Please have a look.


          When you migrate from WICED to Modustoolbox, the major change which you will be observed is in the makefile. In WICED each application will be having a "makefile.mk", where as, in Modustoolbox you will see just the "makefile". Since the structure of makefile is different in Modus, I would recommend you to create a new empty project (give appropriate custom name as well) in Modustoolbox IDE, which will obviously create an appropriate basic makefile, and then copy your WICED application code files to the project directory which you have created in Modustoolbox. If you have used any extra libraries or components in your application, please add those as well in the makefile.


          If you see any compile time error, please don't hesitate to ask here. We will help you.



          CYBT-413034-02, CYBT-423028-02 and CYBT-483039-02 are 20719B1 silicon based module which is supported in WICED.

          CYBT-413055-02, CYBT-423054-02 and CYBT-483056-02 are 20719B2 (latest) silicon based module which is supported in Modustoolbox.


          Please see below link for the change list between 20719B1 and 20719B2.

          Change List CYW20719-B1 and CYW20719-B2

          CYW20719B2 Product Guide




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