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    Contact us to use eeprom.


      Questions about EEPROM of CYUSB3014 for booting.


      The AN76405 Boot Options document contains a list of EEPROM-tested vendors as shown below.

      Currently, EEPROM is being reviewed as a smaller package due to the PCB size limitation of the oral scanner model being developed by our company.


      I excluded the BGA Type and checked it and found ONSEMI's CAT24M01HU5I−GT3.



      Please check if there are any problems when using onsemi eeprom.



      <ONSEMI / CAT24M01HU5I-GT3>

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          As mentioned in AN76405, we have only tested EEPROMs from ATMEL, Microchip and ST Electronics with FX3. But, by comparing the datasheet of the CAT24M01HU5I−GT3, I understand that it is similar to the part AT24C1024B which is used in one of our reference design (Denebola Kit) that makes use of CX3 (CYUSB3064). The datasheet of this EEPROM can be found in the following link:



          By comparing the datasheet of both the above EEPROMs with the recommendations mentioned in AN76405, we can understand that both these EEPROMs can be used along with FX3 for I2C Boot. Please choose the desired part based on your requirement.


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