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    About FX2 wakeup pin.


      Hi, how to use this pin?

      I do not let the 8051 core into power down mode forever?

      How could I set this pin?

      connect to  vcc or ground,  directly?



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          Wakeup pin is used to bring the FX2LP CPU out of suspend through an external interrupt generating by asserting the pin.

          Holding WAKEUP asserted inhibits the EZ-USB chip from suspending. This pin has programmable polarity.


          The WAKEUPCS register can be used to enable/disable individual wakeup (WUEN/ WAKEUPCS.0 for Wakeup pin) and set its polarity ( WUPOL ).


          If you want the EZ-USB to never go to suspend state, you can leave the pin asserted (low/high) depending on the polarity set in the WAKEUPCS register (WAKEUPCS.4/ WUPOL).




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            Thanks for the help, I have understood.