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    wl tool - How to build wl tool for Linux OS


      I am using the WICED-Studio-6.4 under Ubuntu 16.04 OS and the WLAN CYW943907AEVAL1F and CYW954907AEVAL1F  kits

      I can build the mfg_test image for the 2 Kits and get them to work reliably using the wl tool supplied by the WICED under the WIndows OS.


      The WICED Studio offers only the wl executable file for Windows os and  I am interested to know how I can build the equivalent of Windows wlxxx.exe  file for the Linux OS ?


      I am just curious to know if there is an easy way to build the wl executable for Linuz from the various make file.





      JM Gayet

      Application Engineer

      Rohde & Schwarz Inc