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    45W car charger référence design >> power bank


      Hello there I have a question if I implemente 45W car charger using Southchip SC8815 and it works fine and  i'm thinking about using CYPD3171 instead of CYPD3175 to make it a powerbank dual role is there a change that should be done in hardware side ?

      Or only in the firmware ?

      I appreciate all your answer

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               Since CYPD3171 and 3175, as well as Southchip's SC8915 and 8815, are pin to pin compatible you can configure it to work as a Power bank application.


          The following changes has to be carried out:

          1) For making it a DRP, you need to modify the hardware like adding consumer FET and checking the VBUS_IN_DISCHARGE connections.

          2) And the firmware should be changed for the required application.


          You can refer application diagram form the datasheet for additional details. 


          I hope this has answered your doubt.



          Abhilash P





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