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    CYT2B75CAD,after running a wrong Startup, CM4 can't debug any more.


      After these code below run, the MCU can't be debugged any more.

      It maybe wrong i think.

      But, how can i establish connection again to the MCU.


              CPSID   I


              LDR  r0, =__vector_table

              LDR  r1, =VTOR

              STR  r0, [r1]



              MOVS r0, #0 ; clear value

              MOVS r1, #0 ; clear value

              LDR  r2, Cy_u32StartupStackStartAddress


              LDR  r7, =WDT_Clear

              BLX  r7



              STRD r0, r1, [r2], #8

              CMP  r2, sp

              BNE  startup_stack_ecc_init_loop


      Using IAR to develop.

      This is debug log.