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    how to test time server by the mesh client control


      Hi  all:


          now as I know, the mesh time server has the capability to  synchronize the time of the nodes in the mesh network and  I have done some experiments. there are two CYW920735Q60EVB-01 boards

      . the mesh time server  firmware  is downloaded  into  the One of the development boards. the mesh provision client firmware is downloaded into the other. the mesh provision project is configured as

      follow in the makefile.mk:


      APP_SRC += mesh_time_client.c

      use the mesh client control to create the mesh network by the board which is burned the mesh provision

      client firmware. so the mesh time server device  joined  the mesh network.


      when the time server device is joining the network

      some models is automatically bound, however the time server is not automatically bound, so when I use the mesh client control to send the time server message , the time server device can not receive the message.

      the application interface function for time server is the mesh_time_server_message_handler.

      when I send the set time message, the function is never called.

      however I think the root cause is the time server model is

      not bound when the device joined the mesh network