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    How do I resolve an "error: conflicting types" problem when there is no conflict?


      Project was going really well until I got the following error messages moaning about a conflicting type:-


      In file included from C_SourceCode\CommandDecoder.c:27:0:

      ./GPS.h:27:2: error: conflicting types for 'GPS_LOC_t'



      In file included from C_SourceCode\CommandDecoder.c:25:0:

      ./GPS.h:27:2: note: previous declaration of 'GPS_LOC_t' was here




      Where is the conflicting type? If I remove it it says it's not there!

      If I rename it, still says it's conflicting. With what?


      Has anyone had this problem and managed to overcome it? Error could be somewhere else and just falsely reporting it as the error.Help please.


      I had the same problem ( different project ) 3 months ago. Only way I could find to get out of it was to create a new project and copy items across to it.

      Conflict went away somehow! Luckily I had only just started the project so wasn't too difficult.


      I'm within 2 weeks of finishing this one and I don't really want to start all over again. Must be a simple solution somewhere - isn't there?