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    Need support for tuning the WiFi/BT for 1DX (brcm43430)


      Hello all,


      We are currently using the 1DX Combo from Murata (brcm43430). We have some troubles with understanding / tuning the NVRAM params to get the best coexistence between BT and WiFi.


      Brief description: if we change the btc_params8, btc_params1 and btc_params10 we get either great WiFi range / power / speed or BT A2DP cuts. We don't really understand what we are changing and we couldn't find any information about this.


      Can someone help us from Cypress (MichaelF_56) or Murata (ToIn_1742091) for paid support ?

      If not, does someone know a 3rd party that knows this chip and can help with this ?


      Thank you,


      HED Technologies