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    PSoC6 BLE example project - Switch Closure Events captured with GPS data


      To all,


      Here is a link provided by dada_1299601 about a PSoC6 project that he and his students created to help out the wine industry in Italia. PSoC users in Italy


      The project connects a CY8CPROTO-063-BLE board to a pair of pruning shears.  On the shears closing event, the BLE-linked smartphone is informed of the 'switch' closure of the pruning shears and the event is recorded with GPS location data and timestamp.  This allows the vineyard management to log vine maintenance records by location and timestamp.


      Note:  The BLE application on the smartphone side of the project is not included.


      This project also includes the use of FreeRTOS.  This is a great starting point for similar projects.


      My personal thanks to dada_1299601 for providing this example project.