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    2 PWM signals aren't starting at the same time in CYBT-213043-02 mesh board




      I am generating 2 PWM signals in CYBT-213043-02 using two channels PWM-0 and PWM-1 by coupling it to GPIO-12 and GPIO-13. But the output pwm signals are not stating at a same time. One have a time delay over other, Because of that I get an unwanted spike when i subtract those signals in oscilloscope. Could someone help me out to solve this issue, I tried changing the input clock frequencies too, But i am unable to solve this issue. Also i don't have access to gpio's other than 12 and 13.


      Find the attached images of signals from oscilloscope. Channel 1 and channel 2 has PWM signal, Middle red colored one is Math(minus of 2 signals).

      Please reply ASAP.


      Thanks in advance.