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    RTC Reset to Default Value after resetting the module.


      Hello AnjanaM_61,


      I am using internal RTC with external crystal oscillator (32khz) in CYBT-413034-02 module. Every time i reset my module (power on and off),

      The RTC time gets to its default time ie January 1, 2010 with a time of 00:00:00 denoting HH: MM: SS.  Below is the api  which i have use?

      Is anything missing which i forgot to configure?

      for eg with external RTC DS1307 which has an VBAT pin through which we supply continous power so it keeps going? is there any option in CYBT-413430 to maintain RTC data?



      #include "rtc.h"

      //this is included in application_init()

      RtcTime time_date;                                                                        

      rtcConfig.oscillatorFrequencykHz = RTC_REF_CLOCK_SRC_32KHZ

      rtcConfig.rtcRefClock = RTC_REF_CLOCK_SRC_32KHZ;



      //reads every 1 sec.



      Thank You.