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    Wifi ad-hoc mode with cyw43012




      I have tried using Wifi ad-hoc mode in Linux with cyw43012, but the firmware seems to be freezing quite soon when the mode is turned on.

      This is the case with multiple firmware versions, the newest one I tested was brcmfmac fw


      The same setup works without problems for example in cyw43430.


      Interestingly, the cyw43012 does not freeze if the ad-hoc wifi is first set up from e.g. Laptop so that the cyw43012 is not the first node joining the

      ad-hoc network. Even then, the ad-hoc throughput is much worse than in cyw43430.


      Is there any hints I should know about cyw43430 and ad-hoc usage?


      Best Regards

      Jyrki Leskelä