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    CYBT-413034 SPP sending failure




      My design is sending data that received PUART via SPP.

      My base code is common/app/snip/bt/spp.


      SPP sending without PUART interrupt, in your sample code, no error was found so far.


      It is normal operation. I request to send 307 bytes, and check if buffer is not full and send 307 bytes(RFCOMM SENT) finally wrote 307 result 0


      I found this operation SPP Lib source code.


      But Sending data are missing during communication with stress ( PUART Tx/Rx, SPP Tx, Rx, and frequent timers.)

      I got this log BTSpy

      407, 507, 512, 95 Byest of data is missing with result 0.


      In this case tx buffer was not full. I check it using wiced_bt_spp_can_send_more_data() in SPP lib.


      In order to make it clear, I calculate attached test log using MS excel. (wrote and RFCOMMSEND)

      wrote:  366939

      RFCOMM SEND: 249127


      I believe stress made this loss.

      So How I can find out when I can send data without loss?

      It is very urgent and important for me.


      Thanks in advance.