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    SCB[8] Placement of I2C fails on P6[4] and P6[5] in Master Mode, works in Slave




      I have a problem with the I2C on pins P6[4] and P6[5] and SCB[8] which works when in Slave Mode, however I need the master mode, which it fails to use this I placement, using PSoC Creator 4.3 and silicon CY8C6247BZI-D34, and the project is attached below.


      Looking like there is rouing issue for option DS#2 as per data-sheet page 14/63, If I release the SPI placed on P6[] in SCB[6] then looks like PSoC picks the ACT#7 option and it works, however this is per design not possible, as I need the SPI for other uses.


      Is this PSoC Creator bug, which allows Slave to work but Master not, or is it internal device routing limitation?


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