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    All Cap Sense pins work but one ... Why?


      Using capsense on a new project but not matter what we have tried we can not get it to run on Button 1 P0(6) it is attached to.  Hoping to get some help as to why it does not work.

      Below is Current:


      Below is PCB Layout:

      PCB Layout.png

      the layout has a shield grid but it is not shown.  Note Button 0 works fine and also the proximity, we just get crickets from Button 1.

      I will also attach project.

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          Please check the return value of CapSense_Start(), if return is 06, maybe the issue is caused by idac auto calibration failure.  Then you can try to downgrade CapSense component version from current v7_0 to v6_0 (Creator-->Project-->Update Components) , see if this can make buttons works. v7_0 used a new idac auto calibration algorithm which may cause calibrate failure on 3rd generation CSD block when sensor cp is low (<10pF).


          If downgrade CapSense component version still cannot fix the issue, you may check if P0[6] is shorted to Power or Ground.

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            i tied downgrading the components but there still seems to be nothing happening with that sensor i have tried only operating that one sensor i have checked for shorts and open circuits ive check continuity and all that seems to checkout. im unsure what else could be going on. ill you plase help me debug this?

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              I'm just curious but you are using 2 buttons for 2 elements



              I wonder if you merged them in to 1 button with 2 elements,  will it make any difference?