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    Murata 1LD (CYW43438 + STM32)




      anyone please help me to select the right flash IC for my application.

      In my project i am using murata 1LD as a main controller. we collect the data and stored to flash. once data collection is completed it will send to cloud.

      We need 8GB flash for data collection and OTA , So please let me know can i use nand / nor flash and also let me drivers will support for 8GB flash.

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          sira_4753991 NOR flash memories usually come in a lower range 64Mb to 2Gb and hence I think you will have to go for a NAND flash unless you have a NOR flash of 8Gb. Now coming to NAND flash, since it needs to take care of the FTL which should include wear leveling, bad sector handling I would recommend checking out yaffs-direct-interface in yaffs or littlefs. Also, do check with ST regarding whether the flash that you want to dd support to would be supported by their processor.