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    Cypress USB EZ-HOST


      Good afternoon Cypress. I have a two questions:

      1. In the file 38-08015 Ez-Host Cy7C67300. We are talking about the Cpu Speed register (C008) R / W. By default, this register is 0x07CF. Which means that the CPU speed is 48 Mhz / 16.

      While the bits responsible for the speed are available for writing. However, when trying to write the value 0x07С0, or any other value to make the CPU speed 48 Mhz / 1.

      The value of this register is not changed. Is it even possible to write data to Control Registers?

      2. I was able to read the data using CyConsole. However, I noticed that the high and low bytes that we read are reversed.

      And this is not an isolated case. The explanation can be seen in the screenshots.ScreenShot_4.pngScreenShot_5.png