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    Order of CapSense Widget with debounce


      Hi PSoC6 Community!


      What is the order of button sensing in the PSoC6 when debounces is > 1 and there are more than 1 button widgets?


      Say there are 2 button widgets and the number of debounces is 2.


      Does widget number 1 get measured two times, then widget number 2 gets measured two times, then back to widget number 1 two times, etc.?




      Does widget number 1 get measured, then widget number 2, then widget 1 again, then widget 2, etc.?

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          Hi SaWr_4498541,


          The scanning order is same as the widgets configured in the CapSense Configurator. Debounce is a software parameter that determines the no of scans the button should have difference counts greater than FT + hysteresis to report ON status. This doesn't affect the scanning which is hardware action. Scanning happens every time you call Scan API in the application.


          Assume you are calling the Scan API every 10 ms in the application with n buttons. If you set the debounce parameter to 2, following happens:


          Hope this answers your question.