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    Char LCD Community Component Fix


      Hi, i used the version 1.2 of the Char LCD component that allows random pin assignments, and

      got this error -


      Build error: 'LCD1_Cntl_Port_Sync_ctrl_reg__CONTROL_REG' undeclared (first use in this function)


      Searching forum thats occurred before, and a fix was done for Creator 4.1 and 4.2. I gather component was

      revved to 1.2, thats the last download in the thread.


      Now it seems error is back.


      This is a real useful component, seems a shame its not in standard library and supported, as well as the

      other Community certified components, especially DDS component. Just a thought.


      Reason for needing this LCD version is CY8CKIT-059 has a defective P3.2 pin on the package.

      Note manual shows this for Vref bypass




      So is bypass on P3.2 or P3.3 ?



      Regards, Dana.



      PS : I see problem, P3.2 does have the cap on it, so manual should be fixed. But the pin anywhere

      version of component should also be fixed, Its just too useful a component to ignore.