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    How many touch keys can be enable on PSoC6?




      I had configured Touch key on PSoC6 (CY8C6245AZI-S3D72)

      There is 16 configurable pins for touch. (1 for CMOD, 15 for Touch key)


      15 is the maximum number of touch keys?

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          Hello suno_285741


          That is correct. PSoC 6 512K part supports CapSense only in port 7, 8 and 9. This imposes a 16 GPIO limitation on these devices. Which means 15 CSD sensors + Cmod.


          Note that you can expand the number of sensors by using the CSX sensing method where you can have a matrix arrangement with shared Tx and Rx sensors. CSX takes 2 external caps (CintA and CintB) and the remaining 14 GPIOs can be arranged to 7 Tx + 7 Rx which would give a total of 49 sensing elements.